track&certify® update with newly developed "Batchtracing"

June 2016

With the newly developed "Batchtracing" track&certify® now allows customized GHG values for output deliveries considering all sustainability criteria in EU and DE systems.

Label: Best CO2 Practice presented at the 13th international congress "Fuels of the Future 2016"

January 2016

The label "Best CO2 Practice" was presented to the general public on the 13th international conference "Fuels of the Future 2016", after the formulations of criteria for awarding the label Best CO2 Practice division Biofuels were completed with the MVaK.

Best CO2 Practice Label: award criteria for Biofuels were completed with the MVaK

January 2016

Earlier this month, the formulations of criteria for awarding the label Best CO2 Practice Biofuels were completed with the MVaK. Thus the MVaK acquires the right to award the seal of approval to companies as proof of quality in the division biofuels.

NEW: t&c transport Software

May 2015

New extension in the track&certify® software family. As a new option we provide for our customers now the t&c transport®  software. The application was developed for the specific calculation of GHG transport emissions, which are caused by transport, truck, rail or ship.

Eufex Gold-Partner on the International Conference „Fuels of the Future 2016“

October 2015

The German BioEnergy Association (BBE) and the Union for the Promotion of Oil and Protein Crops (UFOP) organise the 13. International Congress “Fuels of the Future 2016”.

It will take place at the CityCube in Berlin on 18.01 and 19.01.2016.

Institute for Applied Ecology: Climate Protection Scenario 2050

August 2014

The Institute for Applied Ecology published the extended version of their modeling study “Klimaschutzszenario 2050”. The study, conducted in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research, was commissioned by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety. Its goal was to develop and analyze different climate change policy ambition levels for the 2050 time horizon and therewith to develop a master plan for the “Energie- und Klimawende” in Germany.

OECD/FAO: Agricultural Outlook 2014-2023

July 2014

OECD/FAO: Agricultural Outlook 2014-2023

The OECD and the FAO presented their report “Agricultural Outlook 2014-2023” on 11th Juli in Rome.

"The recent fall in prices of major crops is expected to continue over the next two years before stabilising at levels above the pre-2008 period, but markedly below recent peaks, according to the latest Agricultural Outlook produced by the OECD and FAO."

DBFZ: Leipziger Biokraftstoff-Fachgespräch 2014

May 2014

DBFZ: Leipziger Biokraftstoff-Fachgespräch 2014

On 18th of June 2014 there will take place the symposium entitled "What's next for biofuels?" taking place at the DBFZ (Deutsches Biomasseforschungszentrum) in Leipzig. EUFEX staff will participate in this event.

IPCC Arbeitsgruppe 3 veröffentlicht Bericht zur Bekämpfung des globalen Klimawandels:

April 2014

IPCC Working Group 3 publishes report on the Mitigation of Climate Change:

There are further potentials for the reduction of greenhouse gases in the transport sector. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is is a scientific intergovernmental body under the auspices of the United Nations.

ICCT Studie: "Wasted: Europe's untapped resource"

February 2014

ICCT Study: "Wasted: Europe's untapped resource" Summary:

There is a substantial untapped resource available in Europe of unused cellulosic wastes and residues. The technology exists to convert these biomass resources into advanced biofuels, with the technical potential to substitute up to 16% of European road transport fuel by 2030 while delivering greenhouse gas savings of 60% or more.

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